Merchant Services America sells and leases ATM Machines to merchants all across the country.

We PROMISE TO BEAT All ATM Competitors Prices!

It’s that simple. Look at all our competitors ATM prices and when you find the best value, bring it to us. If by some chance Merchant Services America is not offering the best value already, we won’t just match the price of your ATM we will BEAT IT!! You simply can’t lose with Merchant Services America. Here are some of the other benefits that our ATM clients receive:


    • Guaranteed LOWEST ATM Prices
    • Receive 100% Of The ATM Surcharge
    • You Get Your Own ATM Website To Track Your ATMs
    • Free 24-7 Technical Support For Your ATM
    • Free ATM Supplies For Life
    • No Hidden Fees For Your ATM Machine
    • Free Monthly ATM Statements
    • Great Lease To Own ATM Rates
    • Prompt Payments To You
    • ATM Machine Buy Back Program


Ordering your new ATM is as simple as contacting us and arranging for delivery to your business. The cost of a new ATM includes: shipping and delivery to your location, professional installation, and processing services. We have a variety of convenient payment options available to complete your purchase. Contact us today to order your new ATM!

Quantities are limited. ATM Machines are first come – first served.  Prices and availability are subject to change.  We reserve the right to withdraw or adjust our prices without notice.



Locations that usually qualify for free ATM placement are:
  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Gas stations and Truck Stops
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Grocery stores
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Casinos And Bingo Halls
  • Amusement Parks
  • Colleges And Universities
  • Convention Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Any Location With Heavy Foot Traffic

To see if your establishment qualifies for free ATM placement, please go to our “Getting Started” Page by clicking the top right tab.

Merchant Services America has an industry leading “No-Cost” placement program to help you serve the Cash Needs of your customers.


  • Merchant Services America starts revenue sharing from the first transaction. Most other private ATM operators will not revenue share unless you agree to pay for all of the expenses involved with operating the ATM machine.
    Most financial institutions will only revenue share after some specified breakeven point that they can only define.


  • Merchant Services America will place an ATM in your location at No-Cost to you and will continue to operate the ATM for as long as your location continues to handle 100 or more transactions per month.
    Most other private ATM operators will only sell or lease you an ATM and will not place an ATM at your location. Most financial institutions will only place an ATM in your location if the ATM is handling a high number of monthly transactions (usually 1000 per month or more).


  • Merchant Services America Pays For:
    1. The ATM Machine
    2. The Costs of Telephone Installation
    3. The Monthly Telephone Expenses
    4. All Costs of ATM Equipment (ATM, Signs, Supplies etc.)
    5. All Insurance and License Costs for the ATM
    6. All Servicing and other related Costs
Merchant Services America sends customers a COMMISSION CHECK EVERY MONTH starting from the FIRST ATM TRANSACTION!!

Quantities are limited. ATM Machines are first come – first served.  Prices and availability are subject to change.  We reserve the right to withdraw or adjust our prices without notice.

All installations are provided by Factory and State Certified installers



How Can I Predict If My ATM Machine Will Do Well?

How many people come into your business each day?  The average usage a day is anywhere from 4-8% of people that walk by the ATM machine. Therefore, if you have over 150 people coming in your business a day, you could have between 6-12 uses a day on your ATM machine. If you set your surcharge on your ATM machine at $3, which is what most banks charge, you could be making between $558-$1,116/Month.

A majority of our customer’s average at least 350 ATM transactions per month. Some customers see well over 1,000 transactions per month. It all depends on your location.

Most restaurants see at least 300 people each day. Again, keep in mind, you’ll also see a majority of the cash being withdrawn out of your ATM machine spent inside your business. So not only are you making a profit off of the surcharges on the ATM machine, but you’re also going to see more cash being spent inside your business. Again, CASH IS KING!