About Merchant Cash Advance

During these last few years of the “Great Recession”, traditional lending sources have all but dried up for small business looking to expand, or receive a life line to their cash flow. Trying to use credit card lines to augment cash flow, has proven a costly option to business owners with interest rates at an average of around 22%. Merchant Services America can provide business merchants with cash advance programs at a much lower cost! With a simple, one page application form and no application fees, your business can make use of cash advance funds in as little as 3-5 days! You don’t need a high credit score for approval. Merchants with low credit scores that may have failed to qualify for programs with traditional lending institutions may be approved!

How it Works

Approved merchants receive a cash advance up to the equivalent of 1 month’s future sales.
A specified percentage of your credit card sales are remitted to pay back the cash advance during your settlement process every day. The specified percentage is fixed and may only change upon mutual agreement. There is no set payment due each month like a traditional loan.

With a simple, one page application form and no application fees, you can make use of cash advance funds in as little as 3-5 days

For example, A merchant has a monthly average sales volume of $10,000, and is approved for this amount of cash. After the first month, The merchant’s sales volume for the month is roughly $8,000. The merchant pays $800, or 10%. If the merchant generates sales of $1,000 the next month, they again pay 10% or $100. The next month they may generate sales of $20,000 and again pay 10% or $2,000. It’s no surprise cash advance products are popular throughout the industry, but important that you carefully scrutinize your options! Our programs are cheaper, and easier to attain compared with other, costlier and more time consuming traditional loans.