About Trans Armor

80% of Small businesses were the target of data theft in 2011! What was once a problem specific to big businesses of the world, data theft criminals now target small businesses because they lack the proper security protection! We provide all of our merchants with TransArmor! This is a Value added service to protect your business data for the long haul, at NO COST to you! A breach can cost a merchant over $200 per compromised record. Exposed merchants are subject to thousands of dollars in fines from banks or regulators, charge backs and loss of customers’ trust including loss of business revenues due to merchant account termination. Data theft can dramatically impact the health of a business in several ways.

Most small businesses that have had their credit card data compromised end up filing for bankruptcy due to the cost of fines, legal fees and inability to transact sales.  Industry leading security solution, TransArmor, will prevent a data breach, GUARANTEED!

Merchant Services America provides business owners with industry leading security features that prevent data theft, and keep your business fully operational 24×7! What type of security is your current processor providing your business? Contact us for more info on how we lead the industry in data security with the TransArmor Solution!

You owe it to your business to at the very least have a conversation with one of our consultants on how TransArmor works, and then compare to your current provider.  You have nothing to lose, but the weak security your business may be getting now!