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Thousands of businesses have trusted our network to help them increase their sales with our truly unique, affordable and easy-to-use system. For less than $7 a day your business can increase Foot traffic, customer base and sales with an easy-to-use solution that out performs traditional advertising and marketing, over Google and any other marketing method.  STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY on traditional marketing methods!  INCREASE SALES on the SAME DAY YOU NEED MORE REVENUE!  Sign up, and WATCH YOUR SALES SOAR!!  GUARANTEED!

What is LIFT?
LIFT is a unique marketing tool kit for your retail business.  Thousands of retailers across the nation are turning to LIFT to increase their foot traffic, customer base and sales.

The triple threat of Marketing!
LIFTs’ provide 3 proven approaches to increasing your sales.

  1. LIFT Loyalty supports customers to purchase more from your business
  2. LIFT Prepaid offers your business guaranteed revenue, your customers buy prepay for their sales tomorrow providing your business with instant cash flow and sales.
  3. LIFT Marketing and promotion with a simple click you can drive new sales promotions, offers, and specials to get your customers flocking to your business.

This is like having your own full time marketing department, for only $200/Month!!  If you don’t see serious results in 6 months, you get all your money back, GUARANTEED!  Who else can say that, and provides a legitimate marketing program for $200/Month???  Our Marketing Program provides you with an experienced marketing coach who does all the work for you, and helps get a multi channel program up and running tthat helps you bring in NEW CUSTOMERS, and repeat sales from EXISTING CUSTOMERS through – email marketing, mobile phone marketing, internet marketing, direct mail, gift and loyalty card marketing, and more for just $200 Per MONTH!!  This program has a 94% success rate with merchants.  You OWE it to your business to try this program – again, guaranteed or your money back!

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How Will More Customers Find You Ahead Of The Competition?
At a time when both business and consumer spending is down, it’s paramount that marketing dollars are spent wisely in order to maximize measurable results in attracting the attention of prospective customers. Yellow Pages, and other traditional forms of marketing have been dead for a few years now. Interruption Based Marketing has also been filtered out by the public, so it’s harder than ever to capture the attention of your audience! Today, most consumers search Google or Yahoo to find exactly what they want, when they want, without the need for interruption Marketing that usually dominates TV, radio and pop up banners ads.

Today’s competitive environment calls for something more than just the traditional methods of outbound marketing (direct mail, telemarketing, pop up ads, and yellow pages ads). Continuing to spend marketing dollars on these old ways often becomes very expensive with very little ROI.

The most cost effective ROI for capturing new business is through Internet Marketing online. It’s imperative that businesses are marketing over the internet in order to remain competitive in today’s economy. Be it interactive online advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Blog Articles, Social Media Marketing, e-mail, Website Design and Video Marketing. Employing all or even a few of these strategies = MORE Leads and Sales for your business! Here at Merchant Services America, we have spent years mastering the art of sales and marketing in order to develop highly-effective online marketing strategies for our clients. Our belief is simple. If you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind!

Our Proposition: As a value added service to our merchant clients, Merchant Services America provides the services of our marketing department at a fraction of the cost. Here are a few of the value added services you will receive:

- GMB Verified, Search Engine Optimized Website $600 (75% OFF)
- Article Writing & Submission $100/Article (50% OFF)
- Blog Writing & Submission $50/Article (50% OFF)
- Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
Write & Submit 10 Blogs & 2 Articles to Social Sites $350/Month (75% OFF)
- Telemarketing Lead Generation $29/Call (50% OFF)

DISCLAIMER: NONE of our marketing services ARE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC! You MUST be an active client of Merchant Services America to enroll in any of the above marketing programs.