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1-2 Punch Security!

With the recent news of the massive data breach on one of the world’s largest processors, secure data protection is a MUST in today’s world full of tech savvy criminals. Being the largest processor in the world, First Data has the financial strength to research and develop the BEST security solutions for it’s processing network.  A recent card association analysis found that small businesses accounted for more than 80 percent of data security breaches because they’re an easier target. A breach costs small businesses over $200 per compromised record, and THOUSANDS of dollars in other fees!  The economic impact can be devastating to a business owner,  as most can’t afford to stay in business after the thousands of dollars they lose in: charge backs, legal fines, loss of revenue from Visa/Mastercard shutting off your terminal, and loss of revenue from reputation damaged.  To understand more about why data thieves target small businesses, please read this article: “What Dentists Should Know About TransArmor & Data Protection”

Industry leading data security solution TransArmor, is offered at NO COST to ALL of our merchants who process through us!  Unlike the other processors who give merchants plain encryption for security, the TransArmor Solution provides BOTH encryption AND tokenization, which frustrates the efforts of data thieves attempting to hack into sensitive customer information!  Sensitive cardholder data is stored in a secure and PCI compliant repository, called a vault, managed by First Data.  Credit, Debit, and EBT transactions are protected!

TransArmor Solution shields and transforms cardholder data via two layers of security – encryption and tokenization, to protect your business and your customers’ data. Encryption protects cardholder data at the point of sale (POS), and then tokenization transforms the cardholder data into a randomly assigned token number. The token number can manage business functions such as chargebacks, returns, recurring payments, and sales and marketing reports. BUT, it can never be used to conduct a fraudulent purchase.

This value added service alone, is a big reason to switch over from who you currently process with today.  If you care about your business, you should at the very least have a conversation with one of our consultants on how TransArmor works, and then compare to your current processor.  You have nothing to lose, but the weak security your business may be getting now!

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