Why a dentist deserves the lowest credit card processing rate

As a dental professional, it’s understandable that you might be busy running your practice, and it can be hard finding time to cut costs, and make sure your data is protected.  But, the reality is your current processor may be overcharging you $1,000′s in processing fees each year, and possibly providing you with inferior data security.  I’d like to show you the industry leading data protection product we provide all of the merchants who process with us, TransArmor!  I’d also like to show you how to reduce your credit card processing fees by 35% and SAVE your practice $1,000′s each year! Many times, a processor will give you an attractive rate, only to bump up their fees later.
To calculate your overall rate, add up all the fees on your processing statement and divide them into your total volume.  This will tell you what percentage your current processor is charging you.
Healthy Smiles, Inc
Total monthly volume: $10,000
Total monthly fees: $420
Your Effective rate: $420/$10,000 = 0.042 or 4.2%
A reasonable overall rate for a dentist should only be anywhere from 1.9% to 2.0% of total monthly sales.  So in the case above, the dentist should only be paying $190-200!  Dental practices deserve to pay a lower rate, relative to other industries: they are a low risk business, transactions are usually conducted with the customer (Patient) present, and the average transaction size is bigger than normal.  These are important factors that should result in lower credit card processing fees.

Merchant Services America will work with you to analyze your business, and then customize a program for you that will include check and credit card processing.  We do more than just save your business money on processing.  We ALSO help you INCREASE your revenues and bring in NEW BUSINESS with gift, loyalty & marketing programs!  You get all this backed by industry leading  TransArmor data security & 24 x 7 customer service in 140 different languages, at NO COST.  If you sign up by April 28th, 2012, we will also provide you with a NEW,  SECURITY COMPLIANT credit card terminal – at NO COST!

To get started, please call 1-888-RX-MERCHANT for a FREE rate comparison. You have nothing to lose but the high rates and inferior data protection of your current processor!

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