Merchant Services America provides delivery and installation of Automated Teller Machines throughout the country. Own an ATM Machine and process under the largest, most secure ATM Network in America! 24/7 Customer Support, and LOWEST Cost Brand New ATM Machines, Parts and Supplies! OR, your business may qualify for a FREE ATM machine!  Contact us for more details.

Having an ATM in your place of business provides many benefits, including:

  • An alternative payment option for customers versus checks, credit cards or extending credit
  • Cash does not have the stress associated with bad checks, and credit card processing fees.
  • A convenience for customers who no longer need to leave your business to find cash somewhere else
  • A draw that brings in MORE walk-in traffic.
  • Provides more money for customers to spend at your business.
  • An asset that improves the image and value of your business.
  • A revenue generator that occupies no more than two square feet of floor space.


  • Stores with ATM’s attract 11% more customers.
  • 40% of cash withdrawn from an ATM is spent at that location.
  • 72% of American consumers have an ATM / Debit card
  • Check/Debit card use has exceeded credit card use since

Even with debit and credit cards, cash will always be king! With the increasing
costs of accepting debit and credit cards, many businesses are
looking to reduce costs WHILE providing customers with total payment convenience!


FREE ATM Processing

Get FREE ATM Processing! No Hidden Fees!  Most ATM companies charge processing fees, and on top of that offer no value.  With Merchant Services America, processing for your Automatic Teller Machine is always free!  100% of the ATM processing surcharge revenue remains YOURS!



AND, we even offer you FREE receipt paper for your ATM the first year, FREE online web reporting, AND FREE 24/7 tech support to you and your ATM customers!  Now WHO ELSE can say that??


Buy or lease an ATM with All Star, and you automatically receive free access to our ATM reporting service online. This award winning web-based application gives users real-time data on your machine(s) balance, daily/monthly/quarterly revenue, transaction totals, and more. Once you are a registered user for our ATM Reports, you can simply log on to our secure web server from anywhere in the world via computer and view or download any data on any of your ATM Teller Machines.  It’s that simple!  Our ATM reporting capabilities are VERY user friendly.  Try us for 30 days on one ATM Cash Machine and see for yourself!

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BUY Your Own ATM Machine And Keep All The Profits, Or Have Us Install One For FREE!!

Process Under One Of The Largest, Most Secure ATM Networks In America!

Total Customer Satisfaction Providing Multiple Payment Options For Your Customers!

Quality 24/7 Customer Support, Quality ATM Machines, Quality Parts & Service!

Merchant Services America Has The Cure!

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